Trethowans Salisbury

Fit out for Trethowans Solicitors

Practice 24,000 sq ft.

BRIEF: To relocate the practice from a traditional high street location to a new facility on the eastern outskirts of Salisbury.

The space had to reflect the traditional values of Trethowans with its wide range of client types but at the same time create a working environment that above all promoted and encouraged communication between the various departments within the company.

This change in culture would require a change in environment.

“A chance comment by the coffee machine may lead to selling more of the practices services to existing clients” was seen as an important goal to be achieved.

The attraction and retention of high calibre personnel was also a factor in creating a quality workspace and a great place to work.

The design was carefully balanced to recognise the significant changes to working life and the fact that not everyone works in the same way.

Through listening carefully to peoples’ needs and indeed their concerns, a palette of workspace types was evolved from cellular meeting rooms, open meeting spaces, quiet rooms, studies areas to partial and full open plan work spaces.

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