Office interior refurbishment

Office design and fit out services

Work space evaluation

Whether you are looking to relocate, accommodate additional staff, downsize and sublet, bring about and support cultural change, it is vital we gather the relevant information both from management and representatives from the departments. Through meetings and interviews, we listen carefully and build a picture of your requirements. This, combined with more aspirational elements, forms the basis of the brief.
Diner booths in open plan office

Detail design and visual landscape

Along with space planning the visual elements will be developed to include finishes, colours, and form. We also offer a visualisation service using computers to model how your office will look. At this stage the designs are then developed into information that can be used for construction. This information is also used to obtain Building Regulations approval along with compliance of DDA legislation.
Reception area

Construction and procurement

The type and form of the construction phase can be tailored to best meet your needs. We offer appropriate professional project management and support services during this phase of the project.  Design at Work can provide impartial expertise in sourcing furniture to fit your purposes and obtain accurate quotes.

Office meeting rooms

Commercial office refurbishment

It is often the case that re-planning work space can require tenants to refurbish office space and enhance their interior space and landlords need to update their buildings to be brought up to modern institutional standards. The scope of these works can vary significantly but of often includes communal areas, air-conditioning, WC’s, lifts, building reception areas, exterior and interior signage and car parking.  For tenants having an adaptable future proof work space may require them to refurbish upgrade or enhance their area over and above the base build.
Colour pallette for new office design

Refurbishment costs

Design at Work can provide expert advice on where to target expenditure to ensure best value and future flexibility are achieved. All of this allied to creating stunning work spaces ensures maximum value from the financial investment. With any commercial refurbishment, creating the budget and engineering value are all part of our services. 
Office board room

Office interior scheme design

When space planning has been sufficiently developed, reviewed and approved then the process can continue to develop the interior office design scheme. This will include the selection and specification of elements for the interior fit outs such as colour, finishes, materials, lighting, furniture, storage, and fittings for client approval. Detailed drawings and specifications are developed to include all elements of the scheme. Such information is crucial to obtain accurate costing for the fit out stage. Quotations are obtained from specialist fit out companies and contractors who specialise in interiors for office fit outs to ensure you, the client, are achieving best price and value.
colour scheme design
Office space plan

Office space planning

Space planning includes locating people, departments and facilities in a logical, future proof way to provide great work spaces.Through listening carefully to your needs we gather the detailed information from management and representatives from your relevant departments to build a picture of your real world business focused requirements. Once a full and detailed brief has been taken including headcounts, department sizes and structure, departmental adjacencies and shared facilities, space planning is the first exercise to start the office design process.
Open plan dynamic working office

Land Registry compliant lease plans

We have many years experience in drawing up Land Registry compliant plans and if you require this service or are in need of a measured building survey, please contact us for more details. Design at Work can draw up Land Registry compliant plans that are required for lease documents. We can either use existing plans if available and accurate, or we can carry out a measured survey of the building if existing plans are inaccurate or require updating.
Land Registry lease plans

Measured building surveys

Measured building surveys can be undertaken if plans are unavailable or require updating. Using computer aided design and measuring techniques, accurate and detailed plans of any building, large or small, can be created in both 2D as well as 3D, if required. Please contact us for more details
Open plan office cgi visual

What is space planning?

Whenever an organisation is undergoing change whether it be relocating, re-planning an existing facility, accommodating growth in headcount or indeed contraction then the working, space needs to planned in an informed and considered way. Space planning is the process of establishing and incorporating individual, group and organisational needs along with all of the required shared facilities within a building and to identify the amount and type of space required either in existing accommodation or potential new locations. The success of any a given space planning exercise has a direct relationship with the quality and level of consultation carried out and if done correctly will include briefings and discussions with not only management but just as importantly, the end users of the space. Working space is expensive, too much is wasteful and expensive, too little can seriously impair performance of the workforce. Right sizing a facility to include planned growth will pay dividends, and enable inevitable future change to be as painless, cost effective as possible. Whilst space planning has it’s roots in the more pragmatic end of the design spectrum, head counts, workstation standards, departmental locations etc., it is also a highly creative process and provides the foundations upon which great places to work are created.