THB Cheltenham

THB originally commissioned Design at Work to assist them in identifying the size of space they required for their Cheltenham team.

The lease on their current accommodation was ending and they needed to identify possible alternatives of which there were few available in the area of the right type of size

The relative mixes of collaborative space to desk space were explored to demonstrate the various options and the effect it would have on the total area required.

The space finally selected was originally developed as retail space in the lively Brewery Quarter, and benefited from high ceilings and plenty of natural light from the large full height windows.

The space plan was then developed into a scheme design and the selection of the loose furniture elements that would form the building blocks of the fit out. Much of the ethos of the design was to construct as little as possible and use free standing furniture products, pods, huddle spaces, acoustic enclosures to do most of the work. This in turn would provide a truly flexible and future proof workspace along with greatly reducing any making- good costs at the end of the lease.

Again lighting enhancements were kept to a minimum, with ceilings being enhanced with acoustic blades not only providing interest but injecting colour and significant acoustic control.