Zurich Financial Services

Dynamic Work Area Colour 03

When Zurich decided to roll out its dynamic working model in its Swindon facilities, the opportunity to create a far more “free form” working environment brought about many benefits.

Departments and teams who, historically, were spread across several buildings, were able to be located near those they collaborated with regularly.

With the addition of ad hoc type meeting spaces, 1 to 1 pods, short stay meeting rooms and drop in workbenches, the business was able to make efficient use of desk to staff ratios and create the all-important collaborative work areas.

Coupled with the workspace upgrade, the design and creation of a new Café area on the ground floor to provide a brand new on site facility was also undertaken.

A refurbishment and refresh  of the reception area with a concierge type meet and greet was introduced and carried out in record time on site.

Running in parallel to the dynamic working, Design at Work orchestrated and managed some 1,500 staff moves, initially to enable the fit out works and then land people in their final locations with the minimum of double moving.

New cycle and motorbike parking were also encompassed within the project.

The entire project, from design to completion, was carried within an ambitious 6 month programme.

Zurich is delighted with the outcome, with plenty of positive feedback from employees.

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