What is Space Planning?

Whenever an organisation is undergoing change whether it be relocating, re-planning an existing facility, accommodating growth in headcount or indeed contraction then the working, space needs to planned in an informed and considered way.

Space planning is the process of establishing and incorporating individual, group and organisational needs along with all of the required shared facilities within a building and to identify the amount and type of space required either in existing accommodation or potential new locations.

The success of any a given space planning exercise has a direct relationship with the quality and level of consultation carried out and if done correctly will include briefings and discussions with not only management but just as importantly, the end users of the space.

Working space is expensive, too much is wasteful and expensive, too little can seriously impair performance of the workforce.

Right sizing a facility to include planned growth will pay dividends, and enable inevitable future change to be as painless, cost effective as possible.

Whilst space planning has it’s roots in the more pragmatic end of the design spectrum, head counts, workstation standards, departmental locations etc., it is also a highly creative process and provides the foundations upon which great places to work are created.

Mark Billington
MD Design at Work

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